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Speech by President
Welcoming Address of ZISEN

Ladies & Gentlemen:
        It is very pleased to be informed that you joined in ZISEN. I am here on behalf of all ZISEN employees extending my warm welcome to you. On this occasion, I would like to share with you the experience of growing in ZISEN.
        When ZISEN established, I was devoted to make money, become an entrepreneur winning social respect. As soon as ZISEN developed and I laid an economic foundation, I started considering and seeking for the significance of life: what on earth does a man come to the world for? What can be done? What should be done? Later I got answers: making progress for myself and delivering kindness to others, which means making progress to grow, develop, improve and promote myself endlessly, keeping kindness to others to do helpful, significant and valuable things for others and the society. It is a coincidence that all members of my entrepreneur team have the same outlook on life and value. We found the mission of ZISEN: return to the world with tranquility by technology. We hope to innovate technology and improve ZISEN with more and more partners, and finally let more people enjoy the tranquil life.
        Today I am so pleased that you are a member of our company.  Let’s go ahead hand in hand, grow together, sail and march toward the splendid future.

ZISEN Representative : Li Chaoyang